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General terms and conditions for participation in events at the Unisportzentrum

Conditions of Participation
Students and employees/members of the TUBAF are primarily eligible to participate. If capacities are available, guests are allowed to take part in the course under changed conditions and their own liability precautions. Every participant in university sports must be able to prove their identity (certificate of enrollment, valid photo ID, employee ID/employment certificate/proof of relatives) and proof of payment of the fee (transfer receipt or user card).

Registration and purchase of user cards
Participation in the sports offers is only possible after registering and purchasing a user card for each course or event. The registration for the respective course takes place via an online registration on the website of the university sports center. After registration, a payment request will be sent. The user cards are issued by the course instructor/trainer upon presentation of proof of enrollment + valid photo ID or service ID and proof of the transfer of the cost contribution. The user cards are valid for the current semester. They must be shown to the sports teacher/trainer/authorized inspector on request. One-time participation in a sports course is possible by purchasing a day ticket (4.00 € for employees and students alike). The prerequisite for this is the availability of free places. If the number of participants is <6 per sports course, we reserve the right to cancel this course. For this, the participants are entitled to a proportionate reimbursement of costs or to change the course without additional costs.

Fee and cost regulations
The cost and contribution regulations are binding. The current regulations apply from the beginning of the 2022/23 winter semester.

water sports
Registration for water sports takes place at the beginning of the semester at the Unisportzentrum stand in the Neue Mensa. The user cards are purchased in the same way as the procedure described above.

cardio and weight room
The weight room offers around 100m² of training space. Almost every muscle group and form of training will find an adequate training impulse here. The cardio room offers approx. 50m² of training space with various devices that are primarily intended for cardiovascular, endurance and strength endurance training. The purchase of a weight training and cardio user card includes the possibility of using both training rooms. The purchase of a weight training and cardio user card includes the use of the training rooms several times a week during the regular opening hours, if necessary, several times a week. Due to the limited size, a maximum of eight (8) athletes can train in one room at the same time. This must be observed and maintained if necessary. A planning file that can be used individually but is non-binding is hanging at the entrance to the rooms so that we can better schedule appointments. "Free training" applies during regular opening hours. This means that only temporary support staff is on site and can be contacted. Cardio and weight training user cards can only be purchased in person at the university sports center office.

Withdrawal and cancellation policy
There is no entitlement to reimbursement of the cost contributions (even in the case of program changes). A transfer of the right to participate to other persons is not possible. A later start of participation does not release the participants from the obligation to contribute to the costs per course.

obtaining benefits
Unauthorized use of a sports offer or assistance in unauthorized use will result in the withdrawal of the user card and a ban from the University Sports Center of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Unauthorized use occurs when no valid user card can be presented or no daily fee has been paid.

General rules/regulations
To ensure smooth practice and competition operations as well as order, safety and cleanliness, we ask that you comply with the following rules:

i. All sports halls may only be entered with clean training shoes (abrasion-resistant rubber soles, non-marking) that are not worn outdoors.
ii. Please be on time for the practice sessions/Vera
events appear.
iii. There is a general ban on smoking in the sports facilities and working with open fire is not permitted!
IV. Bringing and serving alcoholic beverages without special permission is prohibited!
v. Taking food and glass bottles into the sports facilities is prohibited!
vi. The sports facilities and facilities as well as the sports equipment and materials provided by the university sports center must be treated with care, not damaged and left in a proper condition. Please dispose of waste in the designated containers!
vii. The removal and use of the sports equipment is only permitted after approval by the sports teacher/trainer.
viii. The exercise times shown in the sports program must be observed and the sports facilities must be left no later than 15 minutes after the end of the last sports lesson.
ix. For reasons of personal safety and to protect the facilities, the sports facilities may only be used in appropriate sportswear.
x. Please do not leave any valuables or money in the changing rooms or take the valuables with you into the hall or the sports facility, and in the event of damage file a criminal complaint with the police. The university accepts no liability whatsoever for theft or damage to private property.
xi. Bringing animals is not permitted!

right to issue instructions
Sports teachers, trainers and the sports facility staff exercise domiciliary rights. Your instructions must also be followed in the interest of your own safety. You are authorized to exclude participants who violate the rules of conduct or house rules from the practice.

Insurance - Students
The participation of enrolled students at the university location is covered by statutory accident insurance if (further information see
• the sports offered by the university is an official university event
• the sports offer is carried out by the university itself or by a university-related institution
• the sport is practiced within the organized practice facility, ie during the set times and under the direction of a trainer appointed by the university
• the university sports competitions are aimed at mass sports and are open to all students at the university.

Insurance - Employee
The participation of employees is covered by statutory accident insurance if:
• the sports offered by the university is an official university event
• the sporting activity is directly related as a balance to work activity.

Sport on your own responsibility
Participants in sporting events that are carried out under their own responsibility (e.g. use of free hall times, use of the tennis courts) are under no circumstances insured by the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Participation in all other events is at your own risk. Each participant is responsible for adequate insurance coverage.

accidents and accident reporting
All sports accidents must be reported immediately to the sports teacher/trainer. For all reportable accidents, an accident report must be submitted to the office of the university sports center within three days. This can be done by phone. Accidents must be reported if a doctor has been consulted. Accidents in the context of university sports do not count as work accidents for civil servants. It is recommended that all participants take out accident insurance.

damages and liability
Damage during participation in organized exercises and competitions under supervision and instruction must be reported immediately to the sports teacher/trainer. The person responsible is liable for damage to sports equipment and facilities due to improper use. It should be noted that according to SGB VII, a claim for compensation for property damage and compensation for pain and suffering is excluded and the participants cannot assert claims for compensation for bodily harm among themselves or against the body responsible for general university sports; unless there is intent. All participants are recommended to take out private liability insurance (against claims for personal injury and property damage to third parties)!

Safekeeping of valuables
In your own interest, we ask you to look out for valuables, lock them up or take them with you into the sports halls. Lockers in the weight room are available to users of the weight room in the Glückauf sports hall to store their valuables. All other participants in Unisport in the Glückauf sports hall can use the locker in the anteroom. Please bring your own padlock for this. In the interests of all participants, the subjects may only be used for the duration of the exercise unit attended.

Health insurance bonus program
Upon presentation of the bonus booklet or form from your health insurance company and the user card, we will be happy to confirm your participation in health or company sports programs at the end of the semester. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the staff of the university sports center.

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