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That was it - the 2024 University Sports Olympics

Updated: Jun 19

We look back on the 2024 University Sports Olympics with much joy, gratitude and a little regret. The many trainers at the University Sports Centre had prepared a special station challenge this year. While in previous years there were individual discipline challenges, this year there were various sports and disciplines from the world of university sports courses, which were combined creatively and with great effort. Climbing acrobats, rowing sharpshooters and gymnastic footballers are just three of the 8 stations. The whole thing was optimised with a great bonus station from HSG Freiberg, where the three "sharpest" handball shooters were chosen.

The Glückauf Stadium was transformed into a large playground, the weather was good and so a good 250 students and employees made a pilgrimage to the University Sports Centre on Tuesday last week (14 June). At 4.45pm on the dot, Uwe Leutholf, Head of Studies & Research, opened the Team Challenge, in which 44 teams ultimately wanted to take part - a record! After eight creative, sometimes physically and mentally challenging but always fun challenges, the two best teams reached the direct final - the "crass" stadium round - at around 9.15pm. Team Käseland, the second-placed team in the preliminary round, challenged the narrowly leading team, WasndasfürnKombidergehtjaabwieSau. After an exhausting half lap of the stadium in the crab walk, with wheelbarrow and stilt races, bobby car and penny-farthing races, the winning team, the WasndasfürnKombidergehtjaabwieSau combo, turned onto the home straight and was not to be overtaken in the final pedalo race. Congratulations on a great team performance! But Team Käseland can also be highly satisfied with their performance, a destroyed stilt and second place. Third and fourth place went to Die Unberechenbaren led by Professor Ralf Hielscher and Team Fünfkrampf led by team captain Dominik Westphahl. You can find all the other placings in the graphic below as a JPG or PDF download.

Unfortunately, there is one small drawback to such a large, fun event with so many participants - tricky and not always perfect time management. The sun was slowly disappearing from the sky and the final was still to come... Unfortunately, some teams were unable to start or finish their final stage. In order to rank these teams comparably in the overall standings, the average values of all performances at each station were taken into account. With this solution, some teams will certainly do better than others. We sincerely apologise to the affected teams and are considering a small compensation... ;-)


We would like to thank all participants and of course our supporters and partners, without whom this event would not have been possible:

  • den vielen Übungs- und Kursleitern am Unisportzentrum

  • Techniker Krankenkasse

  • Lohrmanns Bier aus Dresden

  • Lecker & Satt - René Schubert aus Öderan

  • Kreissportbund Mittelsachsen

  • Silverines Cheerleader des ATSV Freiberg e.V.

  • HSG Freiberg

  • Redbull energydrink

  • Glückauf Apotheke Freiberg

  • Akademischer Sanitätsdienst der TU Freiberg

  • Ben & Paul - das DJ-Duo vom alten Mensa Klubhaus e.V.

  • Johannes - unserem Dauerleister am Zapfhahn

  • Christoph und Andreas - unseren Veranstaltungsfotografen


Speaking of PHOTOs... Here is a small selection. All the photos you will find HERE


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