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TUBAF - Ice hockey course at Freudenstein Castle

What would the ice rink in the castle be without regular ice hockey? From 28.11.2023, TU Freiberg's Unisport offers an exclusive playing time especially for students, employees and their relatives - in two consecutive blocks of 5.

Block 1: 28.11. | 05.12. | 12.12. | 19.12. | 02.01.

Block 2: 09.01. | 16.01. | 23.01. | 30.01. | 06.02.

The courses take place regularly on Tuesdays from 20.30 to 21.30 on the ice rink in the castle. A binding pre-registration is required!

The course is designed for players with certain basic skills and knowledge. You should also bring your own skates and sticks, preferably a puck. Protective equipment is not mandatory - but you are welcome to bring it. Care is taken to ensure that the puck is played close to the ground.



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